Even a great hearing aid has always sounded like a hearing aid until now. Direct streaming to all phones, PureSound technology, and rechargeability for the best hearing experience.

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The Widex Moment™ is an absolute game changer. Moment™ is the fastest hearing aid on the market and processes sound 10x faster (PureSound) than other premium hearing aids for the most natural and distortion-free sound.

Powered by Widex’s machine learning (SoundSense), the Moment™ knows which sounds are most important to you and adapts to your different needs for a smooth hearing experience

Connect your phone directly to your hearing aid to comfortably stream music, phone calls, and even videos without the need for an accessory. For your added comfort, the Moment™ comes with a rechargeable battery to provide a seamless hearing experience (mRIC model only).


Widex MOMENT is available in a varity of styles to meet your personal preference without compromise. Check below to find out more about MOMENT.

Compatible Apps

When apps and wireless connectivity are important, MOMENT offers a solution for every wearer. From 2.4 GHz direct streaming solutions to wireless accessories, MOMENT keeps wearers connected to their real-life moments.

Moment™ App

It’s never been easier, more discrete, or more intuitive to fine tune your hearing to get the sound you prefer in the moments that are most important to you. Enjoy simplified audio streaming to your phone, now Available on Apple and Android smartphones.

Tonelink™ App

The TONELINK™ app turns your smartphone into a remote control for your hearing aid to change programs, adjust volume and change directional focus. It also offers SoundSense Adapt for long-term preference control enhancements.

Compatible Accessories

Widex MOMENT includes a full line of products, meeting individual hearing needs without compromise.