The world's first hearing aid powered by artificial intelligence. Evoke analyses your sound environment and reacts to changes for natural, effortless hearing.

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Enjoy direct connectivity with iPhones and stream audio directly to answer calls and listen to music from your Apple phone without an accessory receiver.

Evoke uses SoundSense Adapt which is a Widex technology in which the hearing aid adjusts the settings depending on the sounds in the surrounding environment for comfortable hearing*.

*SoundSense Adapt is available in the BTE13D and F2 models.

EVOKE Family

Widex EVOKE is available in a varity of styles to meet your personal preference without compromise. Check below to find out more about EVOKE.

Compatible Apps

When apps and wireless connectivity are important, EVOKE offers a solution for every wearer. From 2.4 GHz direct streaming solutions to wireless accessories, EVOKE keeps wearers connected to their real-life moments.


The EVOKE app provides the ultimate flexibility for wearers to control their hearing experience based on the environment. Wearers can benefit from direct connectivity with iPhones.

Tonelink™ App

The TONELINK™ app turns a smartphone into an EVOKE remote control to discreetly change programs, adjust volume and change directional focus. Benefit from SoundSense Adapt for longterm preference control enhancements.

Compatible Accessories

Widex EVOKE includes a full line of products, meeting individual hearing needs without compromise.